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Dead woman thinking

I feel dead thanks to this brutal never-ending summer in Ahmedabad. I have been working constantly for last one month without a single day off in between. Last evening, my neighbour in the lift asked me about ‘weekend planning.’ I replied, “In office… planning the newspaper.” In spite of my dead woman (almost) status, I keep on thinking. Some of my thoughts are as follows:

Why is the sun in Ahmedabad so angry?

Why doesn’t the sun here take a sabbatical?

I would have won an international literary prize if I would have been in some cooler country.

How much money do I require to buy a property in Uttarakhand/Sikkim?

Am I earning to give it away as the electricity bill?

What will happen to this world?

Why can’t people just go on holidays like the earlier times and not post pictures on social media?

Like schools/colleges, why can’t newspapers have summer vacation?

If time is fluid then why isn’t it flowing quickly?

What did I do in my last birth that I am getting baked here in Ahmedabad?

Can I hug all those huge beautiful trees ?

Why are they cutting trees all over the cities? Have they gone mad?

What’s development?

Why are we so cruel towards nature?

When will the rains come?

I have never checked the weather forecast so religiously and so sincerely as I have done this summer.




Summer blues


There’s a sun and there’s an Ahmedabad sun. Our Ahmedabad sun is very active and does not believe in taking a sabbatical.  I hate summer (well, this is an under statement). I always tell my friends if I would have lived in a cold country then I would have won the Nobel prize.

My mind doesn’t work in summer. I am on a pause mode 24×7. This blog is to break the monotony. Break the horrible feeling of not writing anything.  I am only dreaming of cool mountains, crisp fresh breeze and warm cups of tea. Holidays are eluding me. I am diligently working.

I am dreaming of rains. I am soaking in the memories of Odisha’s magical rains. I am basically dreaming to escape the heat, the dust.

I know, I am lucky to work in an air-conditioned office. The other day, I just walked out of the office in the evening. It was sizzling hot even though the sun was getting ready to say a goodbye. I looked at the sky and it looked like a colorful canvas. I captured the sky in my phone camera. Suddenly summer felt soft and sublime. For a nano-second.

Are tomatoes the new avocados?



Tomatoes are now selling for Rs 80 a kilo. Forget about having a tomato salad. It’s a luxury to have a simple potato curry cooked in tomato gravy. Blame it on global warming. Reports mention that the brutal heatwave affected the production of tomatoes. There’s something very serious brewing on the ecology front. The developing nations which previously thought that global warming is a problem of the rich, developed world must now wake up and act on the serious issue of global warming.

I find it surprising and shocking that none of our top political leaders, film-makers, actors, writers (Amitav Ghosh, you are really an exception) and artists are talking about it. And India’s vulgar rich people are still reveling in mindless consumption. I don’t know whether they will ever stop and spare a thought for the ecology. Will they ever celebrate the philosophy that ‘Less is actually more’? Will they ever come forward to say goodbye to the culture of waste now we see in  urban India? There’s a certain elegance in having money yet refusing to consume recklessly.

The poor, the salaried class will have a tough time in the coming days to put up a decent meal on the table. The soaring prices of vegetables are something that will create a hole in the wallet. Needless to say, tomatoes are the new avocados. The poor will try to cook up something without using tomatoes. The rich might just organize a Tomatina festival in his/her garden to celebrate a birthday/anniversary.