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Of checks and cross

.Image I call him Kitty these days. The world also calls him Sarthak or Gogol. He is my five year old nephew who lives in Atlanta. He came to India during this summer. He has a unique way of showing his love. If he loves you, then he will give you a check. And if he’s upset with you then he will give you a cross. Some times he draws it on a paper and puts it in your hand. On most occasions, he will draw the sign on your hand, palm or cheeks. That’s his way of showing love or disappointment.

I told this to my husband and showed him how Kitty does it. And my husband kept on giving me loads of ‘cross’ —- sometimes a little hard which felt like mild pinching.   Now I have banned this ‘playful’ act at home. May be I should have just told him about drawing it on the paper. There’s always something innocent about a kid’s way of doing things. Till he/she grows up.