A love note to Autumn

There’s something tender about autumn. It’s that season of the year when even betrayal feels sublime.

There’s an autumn within all of us. There’s a tenderness in all of us.

We just need to express the autumn within us.

Be tender, Be soft. Be mellow.

Like the sun outside my office window.

Life feels beautiful.

Autumn, my lover. Thank you.

I am happy to feel your tender presence in times of global warming.



4 thoughts on “A love note to Autumn

  1. Anurag Panigrahi

    I could feel the tender affection and care from which you have drawn your inspiration. Autumn will never be same again. It really gives me such an immense pleasure when youngsters like us start giving so much care and attention to nature around us and for seeing nature in all its glory and with such tender maturity. Autumn will really never be the same again.

    1. Deepika Sahu Post author

      Hi..thank you so much for your note of appreciation. May you always enjoy the autumn with tenderness in your heart. On a lighter vein, I don’t fall into the ‘youngstet’ category. I happily flaunt too many grey hair.


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