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Twenty words. Diwali blues

Festivals are now all about buy and buy more. It’s less about being with loved ones, celebrating moments of togetherness and more about that sleek 56 inch HD TV, fully automatic washing machine. iphone6s, Belgium chocolates and the list is endless. If you are a journalist then there are very high chances that you would wish Diwali to vanish in a jiffy. You have lots of work, stiff deadlines and planning of special features crowding your mind 24X7.

There are stacks of books arranged prettily on my table. I have been wanting to read the biography of Einstein for quite some days. Somehow, Diwali work fatigue and Theory of Relativity just don’t go together. In the midst of books on my table also lies the anniversary special issue of Outlook. Last evening, I picked up the Outlook and started reading. There is a wonderful feature on ‘Twenty authors. Twenty stories. Twenty words.’

 Some of the stories are really beautiful and have a capacity to calm your nerves. They have that tenderness to lull you to sleep. Here I am sharing some of the ‘stories’ in 20 words from Outlook (a magazine I have always enjoyed reading. More powers to Outlook). And more power to the elegance of words. More elegant when it’s just 20.  When you see excess all around you, 20 words come as a blessing.
Manu Joseph
Finally she texted, “I’ve been unfaithful.” Is he reading it right now, sitting in his North Tower office? 08:45:15, September 11, 2001.
Raj Kamal Jha
You got twenty words, she said, you lucky you, I’m ending a lifetime and I barely got one. Maybe two?   
Amitabh Bagchi

He drew the blanket up over his wife’s sleeping daughter. What does she call you? I asked. Uncle, he said.



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