Old friends

We have been friends for so long that we term our friendship as ‘antique furniture.’ Sometimes, I feel that she is my sister and sometimes she feels the same way. We also get miffed with each other on some occasions, like friends/siblings all over the world. But there’s something about old friends. They know what you need when you yourself don’t know what exactly you need.

It was February 2011. I had just lost my father and was in deep anguish. I was toying with the idea of going for a meditation course. I was thinking of Vipasana, i was thinking of going tp Osho Ashram in Pune. She was coming to India from Melbourne then. I shared my thought with her. She said, “Nothing doing. I am coming to Ahmedabad. From there we will travel  to Goa. We will eat, drink, talk for hours and we will laugh.”


I dumped the idea of going for meditation courses. Instead, we flew to Goa. We did all kind of crazy things together including water sports (i screamed my lungs out), dancing away to glory till late night and singing a song continuously for three hours. And together, we created memories. My father must have felt happy seeing us bond beautifully in Goa.

Where would we be all without our old friends?


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