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When life feels mint fresh


The rains are finally here in this ascetic land of Gandhi. A dry, parched land suddenly feels mint fresh. The brutal landscape of this mercantile city called Ahmedabad looks beautiful, romantic. After months, last night I slept with my windows open. The cool breeze lulled me into deep slumber. I gave myself a much-awaited break from the humming sound of the air-conditioner. I opened my eyes and a slice of the beautiful sky embraced me in the early morning. For no reason, I felt happy. Or may be I am wrong. The reason of being happy lie in the falling rain drops, fleeting clouds, the Gulmohar tree swaying gently in the breeze.

I stood there near my window and just looked at this beautiful tree. The tree felt like an old lover, a trusted friend, a caring sibling — all rolled into one. There’s something extra-ordinarily beautiful and tender about nature. Be it a glittering tiny dew-drop, a flower, a fleeting cloud, a swaying tree. They instantly elevate your soul. They bring a smile on your face even when things are not going perfect in your life.

Probably that’s why nature has its healing power. And nature can really make life feel mint fresh. Even when your heart is hurting.


About Deepika Sahu

I earn my living through writing stories, editing what other people write (in simple terms I am a journalist). I dream of opening a cafeteria in the mountains, owning a beach home on the shores of Bay of Bengal... but right now, they all seem like wild dreams.. A gypsy at heart --- am passionate about life, music, words, cooking for people I love, soaking in the lashing rain and just looking at the changing colours of the sky.... And I am a great fan of the Indian Railways and I long to travel in First Class AC coupe across India.....with my man

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