Life. Zindagi. जूनून


I saw Rang Rasiya in November, 2014. Then I watched Piku in May, 2015. In between, I watched not a single film. My friend who thrives on a constant diet of Hindi films chided me for not reveling in reel magic. On skype, she told me, “Why aren’t you watching any film? What’s wrong with you?” I laughed and told her, “I am high on life. Life around me can put any Bollywood pot-boiler to shame.”

As much as I love watching film, I feel nothing can match the magic of living life laced with madness or as they say junoon (I love the sound of this beautiful word). Life is not monochromatic. Life is like a wild river and you never know when it will change is course. And for this only, life gives me a high.

Love, longing, pain, arguments, counter-arguments, voices, silences, brutality, tenderness, gain, loss — all sitting prettily on that canvas called Life. Or Zindagi. You never know how a surprise will show its face and from which corner. And bring a smile on an otherwise mundane day.

The other day I was coming home after meeting a friend of mine. Even a ugly city like Ahmedabad was looking nice in neon lights and a fresh spell of rains. There was a little girl on the street selling ballons. There was something about her sparkling eyes. I paid her Rs 10 and picked up the colorful balloons. She moved ahead  looking for another potential buyer. Soon, the red light turned green. The auto in which I was traveling inched ahead. As we took a turn, the little girl spotted me and gave a 1000 watt smile with a Thumbs up sign and screamed, “Thank You, Didi.” For some it could be Anurag Basu/Anurag Kashyap moment. For me, it’s life’s moment.


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