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There’s something solid about facts. As a journalist, I was told in the beginning of my career, ‘stick to the facts.. double check your facts.’ I have always stayed true to facts while writing my stories.


But from now onwards, I will move away from the world of facts in this space. I want to play with my imagination. I want to write stories which probably have no connection to my life. It could be a story of Aditi, it could be a story of Siddharth. Or it could be just a figment of my imagination. So, here I am all ready to spin the yarn.


About Deepika Sahu

I earn my living through writing stories, editing what other people write (in simple terms I am a journalist). I dream of opening a cafeteria in the mountains, owning a beach home on the shores of Bay of Bengal... but right now, they all seem like wild dreams.. A gypsy at heart --- am passionate about life, music, words, cooking for people I love, soaking in the lashing rain and just looking at the changing colours of the sky.... And I am a great fan of the Indian Railways and I long to travel in First Class AC coupe across India.....with my man

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