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Romance & silence

In an age of cacophony, it’s difficult to be silent. More so when it comes to love. With social media crowding our daily lives, if you love then you must scream your lungs out, put status messages on how much you love, miss him/ her, cling to each other in each and every photograph and above all like and comment on each other’s ‘tagged’ photos. If you are in love then must say it aloud.

Not many know or believe in the art of silence in romance. Even as I write this, I remember something written by Khalil Gibran. And I think, that’s the best expression of romance I can connect at this point of life.

It reads like this: One day you will ask me what’s more important— your life or mine. I will say mine. And you will walk away without realising you are my life. 


About Deepika Sahu

I earn my living through writing stories, editing what other people write (in simple terms I am a journalist). I dream of opening a cafeteria in the mountains, owning a beach home on the shores of Bay of Bengal... but right now, they all seem like wild dreams.. A gypsy at heart --- am passionate about life, music, words, cooking for people I love, soaking in the lashing rain and just looking at the changing colours of the sky.... And I am a great fan of the Indian Railways and I long to travel in First Class AC coupe across India.....with my man

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