Mysteries of life

I fail to understand why it works this way but it definitely does…. my friends also agree with me…

* On working days I feel like sleeping till twelve O’ clock and on my weekly off days I am up at 6.30 am and reading newspapers

* The day when I am in a mood to throw my mobile phone into the Bay of Bengal, the same day I get calls asking me “Tame kaun” (who are you)

* When I don’t need the scissor, stapler or any important paper,  it’s right there on my table. But when I need it desperately, I just can’t find it. It just magically vanishes into thin air to reappear once again mysteriously after hours of CBI like raids in my house

* When I go to a restaurant, the food served on the next table always looks much more delicious than mine.

* When I am in a hurry, the red lights on the road conspire against me. When I am not in a hurry, the green lights welcome me

* When my sister and me go for sari shopping, we choose our saris after much consultation, observation and analysis. But when we reach home, we always feel we should have bought that green/purple sari (which we dismissed as ordinary in the shop)

* I hate kaju katri but every Diwali I get lots of packets of kaju katri as gifts

* There are some days (rare though in a newspaper office) when I feel “Oh, we have all matter in place. It will be an easy edition and will be released much before the deadline.” Needless to say, something or other crops up and the edition gets delayed beyond imagination.

I fail to fathom these mysteries but I guess that’s why life is exciting.


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