‘D’ Talk

The Festival of Sound oops Light akka Diwali is finally over. I am back at work after a break of two days (a rare luxury for journos and I consider this as one of the perks of working in Gujarat where newspapers are closed for Gujarati New Year and Bhai Dooj). It’s not easy to come back to work after a two day break. And by 8.30 in the morning, my mobile phone went on beeping continuously. I thought to myself— Have I become so sexy in the morning that my admirers are texting me continuously? Then when I looked at my inbox, it was full of messages from co-workers that they can’t make to office (the reasons varied from stomach cramps, family function to guests at home (tell me something new). But the newspaper industry teaches you a kind of zen like calmness even in the midst of chaos. The newspaper will eventually be printed even though there’s a lone soldier.

How was your Diwali? Everybody has been asking me this question. Fine….that’s how I answer. But then after a while, I thought of writing it down how it was really. The day before Diwali (What they call Kali Chaturdashi), I decided to wear a sari and managed quite a few compliments including “Oh… MTV turned doordarshan.” I also did a “IC 814 mein aap ka swagat hai’ act in style. But work was so hectic that it took away all my energy. After being in office for 14 hours, my humble bed actually looked like the one straight from a palace in Rajasthan. Here goes ‘D’ Talk on a rewind mode.


— I can live without sweets for next six months. Being an Oriya, I love sweets but the way people have forced me to have a mouthful of sweets, I am on a ‘switch off’ mode. I hate Kaju Katli/Katri (depending on which part of India you live) and people keep on gifting me the same. May be I should print a notice regarding this in the newspaper next Diwali and be spared of this torture.

—- Festivals of this magnitude now makes me tired as I can’t live up to people’s expectation of meeting and making small talks (I am getting old now).

——- I love discussing how horrible men are over Haldiram’s aloo bhujia. I overlooked my own rules of dieting while picking up a big packet on the pretext that it’s Diwali time and enjoyed having it with my friends with a dash of gossip. Spicy way of living it up.

——- Have had horrible food in different restaurants in Ahmedabad in the last few days. I think the best food comes from ‘Deepika’s kitchen’ (immodesty with an iota of truth).  I will not waste my hard-earned money in tough times on those soul-destroying food.

——- Mobile phones make sure that there’s enough entertainment in life. More so, when you have female friends and a younger sister with great sense of humor. Holidays mean more phone-calls as everybody loves a lazy conversation.

——- Diwali break means cleaning utensils, mopping the floor and the like for me as both my cook and domestic help are on leave. Madame Cook will be on a break for almost a week. No matter how much I silently berate her for her non-existent cooking skills, I miss her presence in my home.

—— No matter what the Box Office says, I will watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan. I just want to give this Diwali rush a miss. An old friend from Delhi teased me, “The only way one can impress you is by becoming a Khan/Rahman and the like..” Well, anything for SRK right now.

—– Bal Thackray consumed my attention on Day Two of my break. His son has been constantly appealing to his supporters for maintaining peace and Mumbai wore a deserted look on Thursday (November 15) because of the ‘Tiger’s’ health. I would like to know on which stage of evolution are we both as a nation and democracy???

—— At the end of this festive season, I have put myself on a high pedestal. I can cheer myself for not being a part of this ‘mall mall world.’ I didn’t become a part of this Great Indian Shopping Circus. And it’s time to raise a toast. To ME.


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